March 30, 2017

As Much as 40% of Ads Are Blocked

It’s a huge problem and many in the industry think that it’s immoral, illegal, anti free speech and is killing journalism. Some also point to one positive that was spawned by adblocking, making sites leaner and more enjoyable to the consumer. Adblocking has forced publishers and advertisers, however unfairly, to […]

Click and Collect a Big Digital Marketing Trend

Existing pure-play online retailers will also continue to create physical locations, primarily to “enhance fulfillment and customer service.” They believe that much of this will take the form of the “click-and-collect models” which are common with UK retailers. “The UK today is the most advanced market for click-and-collect models, examples […]

Advertisers Are Going Native!

Native advertising, sponsored content or branded news (all the same) is booming and with some online publishers it’s now their main source of revenue. It’s important to note that native advertising is not content marketing. Content marketing is a content strategy by brands where typically, they own the content, such […]

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