August 22, 2017

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Be Big in 2017

May 19, 2017 Digital Marketing Newz

When it comes to digital marketing, content is still king. Content marketing comprised 20.3% of the digital marketing techniques implemented so far in 2017, although big data (crunching numbers to reveal buying patterns, for instance) is quickly gaining a foothold in online commerce. The point is, businesses that still do […]

Google AdSense To Allow 300×250 Above-the-Fold Ads

Internet search giant Google on Tuesday modified its AdSense policy regarding 300×250 above-the-fold ads, which it said will be a boon to publishers and advertisers in managing their mobile websites. In a blog post by John Brown, head of Publisher Policy Communications at Google AdSense, he explained that the change […]

How Video Ads Can Best Be Engaging For Brands

April 17, 2017 Digital Marketing Newz

The results of a scientific media trial by YuMe examining the impact and value of pre-roll, mid-roll, outstream and social video across multiple screens, including mobile and PC, found that pre-roll is distinctly the most preferred video ad formats Compared to mid-roll and outstream, pre-roll is considered the least interruptive […]

Periscope Video To Have Pre-Roll Advertising

March 29, 2017 Digital Marketing Newz

On the heels of the scoop that Twitter is considering paid premium subscriptions comes news that Twitter will be expanding pre-roll ads to live video streaming app Periscope to help boost the company’s dwindling ad revenue. “As video viewership on Twitter continues to grow, video has become an increasingly important […]

Digital Marketers Can Gain Experience From Adobe Cloud

March 23, 2017 Digital Marketing Newz

With the inspirational mantra “Make Experience Your Business” and the goal of reshaping digital marketing for enterprises, Adobe announced the launch of their re-invented marketing cloud Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit 2017 this week. “At Adobe, we make digital memorable, and today at Adobe Summit, we planted the flag […]

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